Uncle of the Year Shows Up to Niece’s Birth in a Suit Because First Impressions Still Mean Something Dammit

First impressions used to mean something in this world. Now, people walk out of their house in t-shirts, go to work without tie, and when was the last time you saw a nice pair of loafers? In the words of Staind, “It’s been a while.”

But that’s not the case for this new uncle, who arrived to the birth of his niece in a full suit because “first impressions matter.”

At least he put in the effort, and hey, it’s a pretty nice suit with a tie clip and everything. It’s not like my suit with the tie I accidentally dipped in the toilet and the shoes that I accidentally dipped in the toilet. Let’s just say that my sister’s wedding wasn’t a great time for me and my suit.

Anyway, people seem to love this dude, and why shouldn’t they? First impressions matter and this guys knows how to make one.

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