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Internet Reacts to College Chicks That Made a Gnarly Bath Bomb Out of a Boatload of Mac and Cheese

The most devastating part about this cheesy ploy to garner some short-lived internet fame is the gross amount of sweet cheese wasted! Like, come on ladies, come on. And naturally people are divided and confused on whether this is some sort of beautiful, glorious living art, or just stomach-turning wastefulness. 

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That terrible kid who started a fight because he couldn't get mac and cheese got rightfully expelled.
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Ah, sweet, eternal justice.

Remember that absolutely terrible kid yesterday who drunkenly belittled a cafeteria manager and started a fight because they wouldn't sell his entitled face bacon jalapeño mac and cheese?

Yeah, remember that kid?

Well, University of Connecticut wisely expelled him from Luke Gatti school after the arrest, according to Death and Taxes.

He was charged yesterday with breach of peace in the second degree and criminal trespass and given a $1,500 bail. It came out that he was arrested twice last year for similar offenses, each time using racial slurs. Just a real great guy.

And now he's expelled. There was much rejoicing.

And some Snapchats via Barstool Sports;

Sometimes, happy endings do exist.