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Tiny Town In Oklahoma Cancels School Dance Because It’s Basically The Tiny Town From Footloose

Hey, everybody, LET’S DANC—

Hold up there, Kevin Bacon, because this is Henryetta, Ok, and we don’t take kindly to dancing within 300 feet of a church.

Apparently, a local vintage shop in Henryetta was planning a Valentine’s dance, but thanks to a town ordinance, there’ll be no dance this year. Joni Insabella, the owner for Rosie Lavon’s Market place, a vintage shop and event space that was hosting the even, and her husband, the town attorney, has been “accused of being lawbreakers and encouraging lawbreaking.”

Nothing says small town America like “the town attorney" and "no dancing ordinance."

The couple plans to fight this thin and has gone on record calling the person who called in the complaint a “party pooper.”

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The Bacon Number is nothing new, but now there's a built-in Kevin Bacon calculator right in your Google search. Just type in a celebrity followed by "bacon number," and you'll get however many degrees of separation they have.

A search for Sir Francis Bacon's number, however, yielded disappointingly absent results.