This Baby's Luscious Head of Hair Inspired a Photoshop Battle

Reddit user DoubleCrossGender posted this picture of her baby cousin and her anchorman hair. Obviously, the internet can't let such a dapper hairstyle go to waste so a Photoshop battle was born. We'll be honest, there were a lot of photoshops inserting the faces of famous men, it seems like it's a popular hairstyle, but these were the absolute best.

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Fail of The Day: The Hottest New Toy Will Wreck Your Kid's Hair
Via Amazon
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If you want your kid to hate you forever, this is what you should get them for Christmas.

Bunchems, this year's trendy toy for kids, is causing some major problems for children with long hair. Mainly, the tiny pieces used to create 3D artwork are ripping out all of their luscious locks.

The toy is supposed to make things like this...

But parents on Amazon are saying the pieces of the toy are a nightmare if caught in hair.

The Bunchems website does have a video tutorial on how to get them out of hair, and there are warnings on the box. it really worth it?

We'll stick with Gak.