Get Your Own WiFi, Freeloaders

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This is sparking an ongoing debate on the understood use and abuse of wifi privileges at coffee shops around the country. These measures don't come as a complete shock - I've often been muscled out of seating room by those (especially in college districts, where students are either studying or preparing resumes and cover letters as they enter the job market) who take up entire tables with their laptops and paperwork, pull their feet up onto unoccupied chairs, and spend the entire day living off their $1.50 americano and however many glasses of water the baristas have seen fit to give them.


He Prefers DMRs to ACRs

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Here we see a flight passenger scoring free in-flight wifi by proclaiming his love for Halo over Call of Duty. Does this qualify as "air support?" A care package, perhaps?

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It Was a Busy Day at the Office

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As soon as we got this router at work I knew what had to be done: Sauron the All-Seeing Router!

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