rap sandals police facebook Police Warning of a Drive by Rap Battle Is Met With Mocking Comments
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It looks like "suspicious" rap battlers are on the loose in Charlton, Massachusetts. The local police department posted this bulletin, warning residents of mysterious strangers that might shout "Rap lingo" at them. Obviously, a lot of Facebook commenters did not take this notice very seriously:

Not everyone disagreed with the police's stance on this, and they initially responded to criticism with a little more information to justify the a post about the incident. 

They also updated later to add some context to the post. 

Rap music is safe... for now, just keep your rap battles out of Charlton. 

Via: WSJ
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Facebook is infiltrating your office with the release of a new iOS and Android app called "Work," which will initially only available to a limited number of companies participating the pilot.

The new app isn't exactly the Facebook you are used to. It's an internal social network designed as a communication tool for companies to collaborate on projects without using email.

In other words, it's not for watching cat videos, it's for doing your job.

The new app uses the same interface as the standard Facebook app, but the information is private within your company, and you can create individual groups for specific projects.

Users can create a separate login or link their personal accounts to the professional accounts, but the information posted for work stays in the Work account.

There are no ads and it's free at the moment, but Facebook will most likely charge a subscription fee at some point, according to WSJ.

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