You'll Need to Tap Three Forests First

card,door,magic the gathering,nerdgasm,pull,sign,vigor
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From the submitter:

I think they didn't mean 'Vigor'

Oh I'm pretty sure they did. I mean, what better way to take down that door than a fatty green creature who makes your entire team immune to red removal? Seems fine enough by me.

And with that, I need to build some decks...

-Water Cooler Chris

Much More Effective than "Please Knock"

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Although, in this new age of open office design getting ahem business taken care of is nearly impossible. For the rest, here you go!

Night of the Living Coworkers

door,lock up,sign,zombie
By Morgaan Otto
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I was getting sick of staff not locking the back door and the usual sign just wasn't up to the task.

The blood stains are a nice touch.