Office Swag: Sitters Get Fitter

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It's a desk that's attached to an elliptical machine. The machine is "designed to be pedaled at slower cadences that won't break one's concentration (or cause one to break a sweat." I don't know why anyone would need these, I just run in place while I'm seated at my desk. Burns more calories, and the impact of the foot hitting the floor builds more muscle.

Office Swag: Astroturf Chair

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job fails - astroturf chair2

job fails - astroturf chair3

This is the brainchild of botanic artist Makoto Azuma and furniture designer Herman Miller. My question is, when will they make a version for a La-Z-Boy or other oversized recliner? More people watch sports in those chairs than in office chairs, anyway.

This Friday Only!

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and every other day of the week... for the rest of his life

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