Via: FOX 10 Phoenix
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While the East Coast was dealing with a blizzard, Arizona was getting unnaturally hot, according toFOX 10 Phoenix.

An malfunction on their weather map made it appear as if the temperatures were going to be in the thousands this week, but meteorologist Cory McCloskey handled it like a pro.

“Now I’m not authorized to evacuate Ahwatukee,” he said of a city reported to be 1270 degrees, “But this temperature seems pretty high.”

It’s also supposed to be a sweltering 2960 degrees in Cave Creek and 2385 in Wickenburg.

“I think steel boils at this temperature,” he said. “So Cave Creek… there’s probably nothing left up there. So don’t even bother looting up there.”

Fox 10 wrote about the error on their Facebook page:

“In the world of live news sometimes technology just doesn’t cooperate,” they said. “That’s why it’s important to have smart people who can handle the heat.”

ice sign copy Someone Caught a Perfect Ice Copy of a Sign Sliding Away
Via: @barbiereif
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In Mustang, Oklahoma a snow storm is melting away. This includes a sheet of ice that became a perfect copy of the sign it's sliding off of. The image of this phenomenon was shared on social media to much debate, with some people questioning how the ice melted in the shape of the letters.

Elsewhere in Oklahoma, other ice signs have also been spotted.

via Mashable