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Donna Roberts and Mark Ellis are happily married with two kids, aged eight and nine, after the two met when Mark texted a phone number he read on the wall of a bathroom stall while he was taking a dump at his local pub.

The note, which read "If you want a good shag call Donna on ***", was written by one of Donna Roberts' ex's.

Mark said that he opened with a "Hi. What are you up to?" because he was curious if she was actually a real human being. 

The two have yet to tell their kids how they officially met. "I usually say that he texted me by mistake," Donna added.

Sill a better love story than Twilight. 

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When Michael John Kent proposed to his girlfriend in Reykjavik, Iceland they probably thought they had the street all to themselves. They discovered later that a bystander had captured the perfect photo of the proposal just at the right time. When he didn't hear back from her after giving out the wrong email the search was on and he took to the internet to find this mystery photographer.

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Much to the couple's delight, they found her thanks to the powers of social media.


The woman who took the photo, Jessica Bowe, had already posted it to her Instagram. Later the happy couple went back to Iceland to meet their photographer and thank her for the image. They even did a quick interview with a local news outlet in the video above.