Genius Kid Won't Take No For Answer From Parents, Builds Amazingly Accurate Nintendo Switch Out of Cardboard

This kid is destined for great things. I'm getting solid Jimmy Neutron vibes here. Wait, Neutron probably would've built one that actually worked and shit, but still, there's an unmistakable amount of brain power being employed here by the lil cardboard-craftin' brainiac. 

I doubt I'm alone when I say that when I was a kid and I came face to face with my parents' tough, stonewallin' verdicts I'd divvy up my reactions between pitching obnoxious fits, or rebelling in acts of sheer stupidity that almost always guaranteed shittier consequences. So, big ups to this little dude. Maybe his parents were swayed to buy him a working Nintendo Switch, after all his hard work. 

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As part of Netflix’s “Hack Day,” some of their engineers got together and figured out a way to watch their programming in 8-bits on a Nintendo Entertainment System.

Why? Why not?

From their description:

In a world… where devices proliferate… darNES digs back in time to provide Netflix access to the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

It’s not exactly the best way to watch “House of Cards,” especially since we recently learned thatSeason 3 was filmed in 6k.

Some of the other projects highlighted include software that displays dialogue on the pause screen,a program that beeps when you try to look away from the screen and an interactive globe that lets you see what people are watching all over the world.

The event is intended to be just for fun, and most of the stuff that emerged isn’t likely to be in the hands of a consumer anytime soon.

“Note that while we think these hacks are very cool and fun, they may never become part of the Netflix product, internal infrastructure, or otherwise be used beyond Hack Day,” writes Netflix on their blog. “We are surfacing them here publicly to share the spirit of the event.”