Timelapse of the Day: 6 Months in Space in 6 Minutes

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If you have dreams of someday traveling into space, this video might make you drool with anticipation.

European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst put together this amazing timelapse using 12,500 images taken during his six-month Blue Dot mission aboard the International Space Station.

During his time up there, he had a number of major accomplishments. According to the ESA, these included "installing ESA's furnace that can suspend and cool molten metal in mid-air, a spacewalk to maintain and improve the Space Station, and the docking of Europe's last Automated Transfer Vehicle – the largest spacecraft to supply the research centre."

Gerst would often set up cameras to take photos while he conducted his work, and you can check out his full feed of images on his Flickr page.

Nature of the Day: Time Lapse Shows Grand Canyon Filling with Clouds

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On Thursday, the Grand Canyon literally filled with clouds, and the National Park Service posted a time lapse video of the rare event.

This "total cloud inversion" occurs when cool, damp air gets trapped in the bottom by warm air.

The phenomenon typically only takes place every few years.

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