Coverage guy writes please for a free game from Blizzard and gets rejected in the best way possible.
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It all begins with Kyle's eloquent wit, as seen in the following letter he sent off to Blizzard with the highest of hopes something might work out....

Kyle approaches the matter with impressive candor, talking about how his efforts began with a table dance, until his wife told him to get down; and that he hasn't asked for anything in five years...except for a Darth Vader Pez dispenser, a waffle iron shaped like the DeLorean, and a Walking Deadblanket.

Kyle then asked Blizzard to send him a free copy of Overwatch in exchange for a piece of artwork he created as a gift to them for their generosity. The gift was titled, “Deadpool Licking Some Rock. A Dog Watches.”

And at long last this epic saga wraps up with the following response from a Blizzard representative, who addressed Kyle's previous letter/efforts:


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Some people think that it's too adorable to be true. But we want to believe.

Plz don't ruin this for us, internet.

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