The Math Behind PIzza

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The math of why bigger pizzas are such a good deal is simple. A pizza is a circle, and the area of a circle increases with the square of the radius.

So, for example, a 16-inch pizza is actually four times as big as an 8-inch pizza.

And when you look at thousands of pizza prices from around the U.S., you see that you almost always get a much, much better deal when you buy a bigger pizza.
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A Paralyzed Teen in a Brain-Controlled Exo-Suit Will Kick Off the World Cup

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The exoskeleton will support the lower part of the body and enable the paralyzed wearer to walk using wireless electrodes attached to the head that collect brainwaves, which then signal the suit to move.
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Escape the Snow With Some Fun in the Sun!

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Snow is in the forecast in the U.S. this week, but forget that nonsense! Enjoy some sunny fun right over here and pretend that there isn't going to be a foot and a half of snow on the ground when you wake up tomorrow!

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