Surprise of the Day: Cristiano Ronaldo Plays Soccer with Kid in Disguise

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Real Madrid player and underwear model Cristiano Ronaldo became slightly less ridiculously good looking last week and kicked a soccer ball around with a clueless kid in the streets of Madrid.

He wore a shaggy wig with fake mustache/beard, sunglasses and a baggy sweatsuit, and he carried a blue backpack. Look… he’s just like us!

The two played juggled the ball around a bit without drawing any attention.

He eventually removed his disguise, revealing his true identity to the boy and everyone else in the street who immediately pull out their phones to take pictures.

Before walking away, he gave the boy a hug and signed a ball for him.

Never Lose a Fantasy Football Bet, or YOU'LL be the One in a Shot-for-Shot Sia Music Video Remake

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That's right, as a part of a bet revolving around fantasy football, this poor guy was forced to do the entirety of Sia's "Chandelier." That's dedication to the craft, for sure.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Threw for 6 TDs on Sunday, But His Son Brady Stole the Show at the Post-Game Press Conference

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Before being an NFL quarterback, Harvard graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick got the fifth highest score of all time on the Wonderlic Test, the NFL's intelligence and aptitude test that all players must take before being eligible to play. So we knew Fitz was smart, but on Sunday, he set out to show the world that he isn't the only brainiac in his family.

Can you multiply 93 times 97 in your head that quickly? Didn't think so.

New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. With the Catch of the YEAR on Sunday Night Against the Dallas Cowboys

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In their game against the Dallas Cowboys Sunday, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. caught a pass from Eli Manning with just one hand, scoring a touchdown.

Unfortunately the Giants lost 31-28, but that catch though...

"That is absolutely impossible what he just did," said NBC commentator Cris Collinsworth. "That may be the greatest catch I've ever seen in my life.

The NFL tweeted that Odell's catch basically pulled a Kardashian butt.

And it has also inspired some "Things Odell Could Catch" memes on Twitter.

You can watch the full video below:

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