Oreo Doughnut Holes, Because You Need the Diabetes and You Need it NOW

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See it all starts off innocently enough with regular doughnut holes, and then things get crazy. Those are mini Oreos stuffed inside them - because they're "low-calorie", see? And then the kicker: a glaze made from the melted primordial ooze of oreo stuffing that's been delicately scraped off of existing cookies.

I'm so sorry, body. This needs to happen.

Food of the Day: Japanese Fast Food Chain Selling KitKat Sandwich

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While you’re waiting for your Burger King Whopper cologne to go on sale, why not snack on a tasty KitKat sandwich?

Japan is at it again, with fast food chain First Kitchen offering the sugary treat for a limited time.

And it only costs 220 yen ($1.80)! Which is a steal really, compared to the cost of your future medical and dental bills after gorging yourself on bacon-wrapped pizzas and jelly donut hot dogs.

The sandwich consists of a “KitKat for Cafe” candy bar placed in between two pieces of fluffy bread smothered in whip cream and sprinkled with orange peels for some extra kick.

You can check out some more detailed images of the latest food pr0n here.

KFC's Next Food Monstrosity is an Edible Cookie and Chocolate Coffee Cup

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You know, just in case you were looking for a way for your morning cup of coffee to be less healthy. For all those people that are hitting up KFC for breakfast food, of course.