62-Year-Old Geezer Posts Craigslist Ad Looking For Weekly Happy Endings Partner, and It's Comedic Gold

Grandpa goes on Craigslist

I wish I could have known this wrinkly, bag of legendary bones back when he was in his early twenties. Grandpa just wants to live out the rest of his days in peace, and he'll be damned if we're going to judge him for it.- especially Craigslist people!

If you found this strange Craigslist funny check out everything we have tagged as Craigslist and you might just not get anything done all day. Just please don't actually respond to any of these, OK?

Craigslist screen shot of 62 year old man looking for a happy ending once a week.
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After using Craigslist to hunt down an old Macintosh, redditor bobwowbob stumbled upon a NSFW surprise hidden in a fake “America Online” folder. As it turns out bobwowbob had actually discovered a rare “interactive erotica” app, called MacPlaymate. The app was put together by comic book artist and game designer, Mike Saenz in 1986.

The premise of MacPlaymate was very simple:

Players could strip down a digital avatar named Maxie, mess around with Maxie using various sex toys with names like Mighty Mo Throbber, and watch Maxie 'make it' with other digital characters. The software even had a “panic” button that'd bring up a spreadsheet if someone walked by your computer screen.

The following is a NSFW demo of MacPlaymate, and the dude's voice and commentary are at least 20x creepier than the software itself: