No Really, the Fish Was THIS BIG. Also, it Was an 820-Pound Shark.

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Fishers caught this absolute monstrosity off the coast of New Jersey. The 11-foot, 820-pound shark took over an hour to subdue and tire out before they were finally able to catch it. 

The real shame though, is that they didn't catch this thing a few days later at the (and we swear we are not making this up) South Jersey Shark Tournament. Surely the second largest catch in New Jersey history would have qualified as the winner of that tournament!

Rescue Operation of the Day: Woman Uses Pizza Hut Delivery Order to Escape Hostage Situation

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A Florida woman was being held hostage in her home by her boyfriend on Tuesday, and a Pizza Hut helped save her life.

Cheryl Treadway and her kids were being threatened by a man named Ethan Nickerson at knifepoint and were not allowed to leave.

Nickerson also took away her cell phone, but he let her use it briefly to order a pizza, according toMyFox Tampa.

That’s when she used some quick thinking to write “911 hostage help” in the comments section of her order.

A chef at the Pizza Hut noticed the strange message and the restaurant quickly alerted the police.

The suspect was then arrested and charged, while Treadway and her kids escaped to safety.

This story is very similar to another real-life incident which was used in a Superbowl ad this year to raise awareness about domestic violence.

An Idaho Man Gets Pulled From a Falling Vehicle by a Good Samaritan

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Matthew Sitko lost control of his SUV in Lewiston, Idaho and nearly drove over the edge of a cliff before stabilizing precariously on the edge. That's when a passerby managed to pull Sitko out of his vehicle and get him to safety.

A Couple Picked Up This Beanie Baby at a Garage Sale for $10, but it Could be Worth a Hundred Grand!

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According to MSN, the bear is a rare first edition memorial Beanie Baby made in commemoration of Princess Diana. Previous bears have sold for £62,500, with other listings going even higher. 

Talking about the ebay prices of Beanie Babies, it really IS 2002 all over again!