Typo of the Day: BBC News Reports on the Large ‘Hardon’ Collider

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Someone got a little too excited about the Large Hadron Collider restarting this past weekend.

“The most powerful particle accelerator in the world” is back in operation after two years of maintenance, and the BBC had a minor, yet unfortunate typo in their report on the device.

The lower third at the beginning of their segment accidentally read “Hardon” instead of “Hadron.”

A simple mistake, but of course the Internet was not going to let that one pass without having a good laugh at their expense.

And the LHC’s work is sexy enough as is without being compared to a penis.

Back in 2012, it was famously used to discover the Higgs boson particle. This time around they’ll be using the atom smasher (at double its previous energy levels) to research exotic particles, dark matter, supersymmetry, extra dimensions, antimatter and Quark–gluon plasma.

The New York Times Accidentally Called Kyrgyzstan "Kyrzbekistan," so Naturally Some Folks Gave it Its Own Twitter Account

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The piece detailed the story of a rock climber making his way through Kyrgyzstan's mountain peaks, though for long after the story was up there remained a "Kyrzbekistan" typo. On the bright side, now we get to learn about the ancient customs and cultures of a fake nation thanks to some internet trolls!

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