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I have no idea what this seven kinds of crazy young lady is on, but whatever it is, can I get some? Clearly someone f**ked with the batch of whatever she ingested, and we're fortunate(?) enough to witness her psychedelic-fueled trip to Pluto and back. She definitely didn't fail to get out of her mind (out of her damn body) for a music festival. I want the follow up to her episode though. Shit, I want the live-tweet recap. Anyone out there, please?

Anyways, as the Urban Outfitted, hipster-hatted, sloppily face-painted season of outdoor festivals like Coachella loom heavy on the horizon...what better way to get in the spirit of what will surely be many an episode of Milllennials experimenting with drugs for the first time, than to take a ride to outer space with this chick, right?