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She can smell what both The Rock and Dwayne Johnson are cooking.

We all know and love Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but Becky here knows and loves him and Dwayne Johnson separately, and her friends aren't helping. 

Check out what happens when Becky asks her friend if The Rock and Dwayne Johnson are the same person. 

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cbs fails to censor the rocks middle finger
Via: Mashable
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Can you smell what he’s cooking?

Last night at The People’s Choice Awards, Kevin Hart won Favorite Comedic Movie Actor, and during his acceptance speech, he gave his screen partner Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson a low blow.

"Except The Rock, because he hasn’t helped me," said Kevin Hart. "He hasn’t helped me at all. You’ve actually lessened my talent. It went down since you’ve been in my life.”

The Rock was having it, so he showed Hart and the viewers at home the People’s Finger.

via Mashable

He’s great.


Via: The Rock
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What do the The Rock, Tom Brady, and cameras on tripods have in common. They’re the recipe for one of the strangest YouTube videos around.

Let’s rundown what’s going on here:

  1. It opens with The Rock calling out Tom Brady for some reason. Deflate gate? Is that still a thing?
  2. They cut to Tom Brady telling the Rock that he’s sending him some new Tom Brady Underarmor
  3. The Rock tells us that he sleeps naked.
  4. The Rock refers to his penis as “peen-asaurus”
  5. The Rock plugs Baywatch.


Is this an ad for Under Armor? Baywatch? The Rock’s brand? Somebody, help! Can any of 35,000 people that watched this thing help???

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