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steve carell trolls twitter with office comeback
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Two things people learn at a young age: Don’t yell fire in a crowded theater, and don’t claim that The Office is coming back on Twitter.

Steve Carell should know better.

For some reason, yesterday afternoon, he caused everyone on Twitter to do a double take, when he tweeted this:


Carell got more RTs than Trump saying he just saw a Lunesta commercial and would NOT be asking his doctor about it. That man likes his late-night tweeting.

Of course, this was not true — neither The Office news nor the Trump Lunesta tweet. It was just a crummy commercial for the Will & Grace 10-episode revival:


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So everything’s bad now, including Steve Carell.

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A kid on America's Got Talent went full Jim Halpert for his totally awesome teapot promposal.

If you're a fan of The Office, you will surely remember that tear jerking moment Jim busted out the teapot filled with all those inside jokes and handed it to Pam.

Game recognize game, because the real Jim Halpert even gave a shout out to the youngster and his smooth The Office delivery.

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