Holiday Science Cocktails

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If you want your shindig to stand out, you should ditch that traditional booze, morph yourself into a cocktail alchemist and one-up your friends and coworkers with science...

The Ouya isn't your standard liquid cocktail. It's served as liquid-filled beads formed using a technique known as reverse spherification, a fancy term for turning liquids or liquefied foods into gel-covered, liquid-filled spheres that pop in your mouth.

Check out the full recipe here.

Need more holiday spirit?

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Take a Tequila Shot for Weight Loss

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New research by scientists in Mexico indicate that a naturally-occurring sugar in tequila may be the answer for weight loss, as well as lowering blood glucose levels for people suffering from Type II diabetes.

What is it? The sugar is called agavin and is found in the agave plant, the key ingredient in tequila. But unlike agave syrup, a popular sweetener derived from the same plant, it is not digested by the human body and does not raise blood sugar. It also boosts the production of insulin and acts as a dietary fiber, making people feel fuller.