15 Students and Teachers Share the Wildest Sex Related Stuff They've Witnessed At School

Class is in session, please turn to page four, annnd I need a cold shower. This is the kind of educational material that really grips you by the manhood, pulls you in, and awakens a hunger to well, learn more. Am I right? Or the wrong head's doing all the thinking here.

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Sometimes you need to have your faith in humanity rewarded a little bit, and who's going to do that, goddamn Barry White, Jr., a fifth-grade literacy teacher from Charlotte, NC. 

Yeah, his name is Barry White, Jr. Goddamn.

In an attempt to earn his students' trust and make them feel special, he has a different, customized goddamn handshake for every goddamn student, and goddamn, he's great. 

Apparently, he got the idea from goddamn LeBron James. Just awesome. Look at this goddamn gif: 

Fifth grade English teacher has a personalized handshake with every one of his students

More Barry White, Jrs, goddamnit