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image medicine social media Commenters Correctly Diagnosed a Woman With a Rare Genetic Disorder
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This woman posted a photo gallery of her story on Imgur which led to a diagnosis of a genetic disease that affects connective tissues called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). She explains the backstory in the description of the follow up picture post:

Five months ago, I posted "The Story Of A Broken Dancer." In this post, I told the story of how all I've ever wanted was to be a professional dancer, but that countless injuries and unexplained medical issues were coming in between me and my dream. Well, after posting this, hundreds of Imgurians commented on the post and messaged me saying I should look at different conditions or diseases they thought I had, but one that I received overwhelmingly was "Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Hyper Mobility Type III." I looked into it and decided it was worth a shot to get the testing done, and as of this morning, I have been officially confirmed to have EDS.

You can look through her original gallery right here:

Story Of A Broken Dancer

chicken social media sadness Let's All Have a Moment of Silence for This Lost Chicken Dinner
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The people of Cheltenham, England were devastated by tragedy in the night. The extent of the fallout from this incident is as yet unknown.  First reported by The Gloucestershire Echo, this sad, entire chicken dinner was found strewn about the pavement early Thursday morning. 

Residents have been reacting on social media, most with compassion, some with outrage over the lack of coverage by 'mainstream' media outlets. 

via @TheMediaTweets, @UcheAmako@rey_z

Here's hoping the Cheltenham community is able to recover quickly from this incident. Someone will probably start a GoFundMe campaign for it if they haven't already. 

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