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Former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner was one of several officials indicted for corruption within the sporting organization. In a long, nearly incoherent rant, Warner tried to make the connection that the US is hypocritical for investigating FIFA while also desiring their own World Cup:

The only problem? That article he's holding is lifted directly from infamous satire site The Onion.

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Technology is supposed to make life easier, and in this case, it only made things worse.

A TV show in Norway called “Golden Goal” strapped headsets onto some soccer players so that they could only see a bird’s-eye-view of the field.

And the result is absolutely hilarious.

It’s not exactly the most exciting game in the world, but watching them try to navigate around and connect with the ball is pretty entertaining.

The players stick their arms out like a horde of zombies and hobble around just as slow.

At one point the goalie just lays down to make it easier to block any shots, which was the smartest thing he could have done.

Way to use your braaaaaaains…

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