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Please, tase me, bro?

Here's an insane video of two bald men playing with a taser. It seems they have finished eating dinner and decided that 10,000 volts of electricity pairs well with chicken, fish, or beef. 

Most would settle for a fine after-dinner cocktail or a nice port. These bald men like the smooth body of flavor that comes from the electric shock of a taser. Frankly, I wish I loved anything as much as these two shirtless men love tasing each other. 

via Bo Burnham

Via: Lucky 7 Drones
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Some drunk humans hate them too.

Last week a company based in California called Lucky 7 Drones was shooting instructional videos with a DJI Phantom 3 when a shirtless man walked over and quickly put an end to their production.

They were only flying it about 3-5 feet off the ground when he got irritated by it for some reason and swatted it out of the sky with his shirt like King Kong.

It flew into his leg before crashing down on the street, damaging the device.

It’s valued at $1350, and the company ended up filing a police report and writing about the incidenton their blog.

In California, vandalism of someone elses property over $900 is considered a FELONY! So the officers went to visit this gentleman and explained to him politely (which he did not respond to well) that they had the ability to arrest him on the spot for Felony Vandalism and that the local D.A. does prosecute those charges. They suggested he sober up and tomorrow (which would be today) he pay the necessary restitution to replace this item to avoid the criminal charges. As of Thursday afternoon, we have not heard from the gentleman.

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