terrifying einstein robot unveiled at CES
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Stupid robots are all the rage at this year’s CES technology expo in Las Vegas. But while most of them just want to roll around the house and tell you the weather, this one just wants to scare the shit out of you or worse.

Hanson Robots unveiled this creepy Einstein robot, which definitely won’t come alive and kill you or something. Nope. It’s just here to learn and teach. Sure, never heard that one before.

Tell me this thing isn’t hiding something.

via Mashable

According to Mashable, “The robot pairs and interacts with an accompanying iOS and Android app called the Stein-O-Matic, used to teach science and play games, but can also act sort of like a Amazon Alexa or Google Home by reciting facts, solving problems and giving current weather updates.”

"Our end goal is to make AI very smart and to relate with people well, so by giving it a humanlike form it means that we can teach it more what it means to be human," CEO and founder David Hanson told Mashable. "It can physically explore the world the way that a baby would, and it can socially explore; learn from people.”

Oh, it learns? Like where I sleep? Nice try, uncanny valley, but you’re going to have to send some smarter robots if they’re going to get me.

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Much like many humans today this robot, called Peeqo, only communicates in GIFs. And really, do you need much more than that to get a point across? 

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Just be careful not to make it angry. It seems harmless, but it could probably still destroy you.