Overreaction of the Day: Woman Sets Fire to Car Because Guy Wouldn’t Give Her Cigarette

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Holy smokes!

A woman in Jerusalem was arrested this week for setting fire to a car because someone wouldn’t give her a cigarette.

Security cam footage shows the woman approaching a man at a gas station. After the rejection, she takes out a lighter and ignites the gas tank, which quickly bursts into flames.

Fortunately, the guy pulls out the pump preventing the car from exploding.

Here’s the appropriate way to respond to being denied a cigarette.

A Dog in Scotland Took a Tractor for a Joyride. His Face Says it All.

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Don the collie hopped in the tractor in Abington, South Lanarkshire early in the morning, crashing through a fence and careening through a busy commuter road. Don's owner was eventually able to commandeer the vehicle, and luckily no one was hurt. 

And really, could you be mad at the little guy with a face like that?