Terrifying Dash Cam Footage of a Driver Passed Out at the Wheel

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According to the Youtube description, the driver fell unconscious due to a medical condition. Luckily, it was only his car that got wrecked in the process.

Three Fishermen Barely Escape Death When a Plane Buzzes by Their Boat

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This took place at the Largada Fiesta del Surubi, a fishing tournament that takes place every year in Goya, Argentina. Gotta love the way those terror screams turn into nervous laughter at the end.

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WTF of the Day: High School Students Fed 6-Year Old Pork in Tennessee

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High school students in Hawkins County, Tennessee were served up some 6-year old pork last week for lunch, and while no one has gotten sick yet, the news is not sitting well with anyone.

A cook at a local primary school (who didn’t serve the meat) sent a photo of the pork to a city commissioner named Michael Herrell, who discovered that it had also been distributed to several other schools in the area.

Cafeteria workers at Cherokee High School said “that it smelled so bad they made gravy to put over the meat,” according to News Channel 11.

And at another high school the smell was apparently so bad that it reportedly stunk up the halls.

Despite the putrid meat being so old and smelly, some students “even came back for seconds,” according to WISH TV.

Which is mildly disturbing.

A rep from the USDA told Yahoo that there probably wasn’t any danger in eating it, but it “should be consumed within four to 12 months of freezing.”

The director of schools, Steve Starnes, has since ordered that an inventory be taken of all the food in the freezers, although you think that sort of thing would have already been in place.