E3 Starts Off Right With a Battlefield 4 FAIL

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Welp, I'm leaving... oh wait? We are continuing? Screw you XBONE!

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Microsoft Studios' Creative Director Adam Orth Defends the Idea of Always Online Gaming

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Recently, game developers have been shifting to an "always-on" DRM, forcing players to play online as a form of copyright management and piracy prevention. The problem is that major game releases that have utilized this "always-on" DRM model have been total disasters (SimCity, Diablo III anyone?) because their online servers haven't been able to handle the game's sudden influx of traffic upon release. Not only that, actual features of the games themselves have been curtailed significantly in order to make them run more smoothly on the online servers. Essentially, customers get a worse game that's always down to protect against piracy.

Enter Adam Orth, creative director at Microsoft. He doesn't get why customers have to be such whiny little babies. I mean, they actually expect to have their games available to them all the time? Talk about entitlement! Sarcasm aside, Orth took to Twitter to chastise customers about their demands. Manveer Heir, a developer at BioWare, pointed out to Orth that "always-on" DRM was particularly unfair to customers in rural areas who aren't always afforded the best internet connections to begin with. Orth's response? "Why on earth would I live there?"

Sweet, dude. Not only does Orth not care about customer's grievances surrounding their poor DRM model, he thinks that all those backwoods country folk have just made bad life decisions by living in sparsely populated areas.

Nice to see the creative director of a major game development company cares about his customers.

What Do You Think of an Always Online Requirement?

Former Microsoft Executive is Blazing a Path in a New Market

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In case you haven't heard, today (December 6) is the official day where marijuana becomes legal in the state of Washington. Yes, you can blaze a fatty in your front yard, and police officers can walk by and do absolutely nothing.

In light of this new trend, former Microsoft executive Jamen Shively is planning to cash in. Besides significant quantities of THC, entrepreneurship is also in his blood. His grandfather Diego Pellicer was the world's largest marijuana producer in the late 19th century. Shively is looking to start his own marijuana production business to carry on the tradition. Presumably he'll pass the business to the left down to his kids when he dies. I respectfully submit the business name "Hotbox 360" for your consideration, Jamen.

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