Things Get Sad and Awkward When a Guy Gets Stabbed in the Middle of a Metal Show

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Surprisingly, no gore or violence in the video itself!

Skip to 1:40 to get to the moment in question.

You never know what might happen at a Cattle Decapitation show. You know, like attempted murder.

The band seemed to take it fairly well, but clearly there are some people in the crowd that need an adjustment in perspective. Or maybe they're just too Trve Kvlt for us normies to understand.

Meet Hatebeak, the Death Metal Band Fronted by a 21-Year-Old Parrot

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What a beautiful, lovely time to be alive.

The cacophonous, heavy thrash you hear above is Hatebeak, and yes all of those vocal samples come from a African Gray Parrot named Waldo. Waldo's retainers have a pretty extensive metal pedigree, being members and collaborators in thrash band Pig Destroyer. Just how metal are they?

This gosh-dang metal.

Metal fans will recognize all the cheeky references to other bands (Morbid Angel, Judas Priest) within Hatebeak's song and album titles - as if the blatant Iron Maiden reference in the title above weren't a hint already.

In other news, I'm starting a band with a wild boar called Deathtusk and our album "Ham or Fall" will come out next winter. Get ready!

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