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Read the Mark Zuckerberg Parody So Dumb That People Believe It

A good parody blends the truth with the funny in a way that makes you think, "hey, is this thing real?" Trust me, that's what people in 1984 thought when they heard "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Eat It" for the first time. 

This parody of a Mark Zuckerberg post, in which the billionaire-founder of Facebook claims to be reconnecting with everyday Americans has people scratching their chin. 

Here's the original, which seems like a parody of the very idea of "sincerity" to begin with:


Then hilarious Twitter user @pixelatedboat gave it a rewrite: 

And for some reason, people thought that Mark Zuckerberg actually made a man eat his own newspaper sports section:

Mr. Pierre, with all due respect, come on!

This guy, who is also the editor-in-chief of "the best source of new on the Kansas City Royals," threatened to not buy a Facebook account or something:

Everyone needs to get out of the house more. 

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image hacking mark zuckerberg Someone Hacked Mark Zuckerberg's Social Media Accounts Because His Password Was Dumb
Via Ben_Hall
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A hacker group called OurMine logged on to Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg's Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin accounts this weekend with his terribly unsafe password: dadada. Fortunately for him, it appears not to be a very malicious hack, they left messages on his profiles saying, "We are just testing your security". This has sparked a lot of talk about internet and password security. It's also garnered some snarky comments about the way Facebook deals with your information.  

via @PrisonPlanet

Facebook is preparing a dislike button
Via Recode
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You know you hate just about most of the things that you see on Facebook. The baby pictures, the couples in gooey love, the political nonsense, the insanely inaccurate information, the list goes on forever and grows every day.

Well, rejoice, you cynical a**holes.

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed during a Facebook headquarters Q&A Sept. 15.

According to Re/code:

"I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years. Today is a special day because today is the day I can say we're working on it and shipping it," Zuckerberg said.

He told the audience that the company realized people want to express emotions other than positivity, especially around posts about sensitive subjects like the Syrian refugee crisis.

He didn't give further information as to what the "Dislike" button might look like. We could look to the new "reactions" product from workplace chatting app Slack as a possibility. Slack's reactions allow people to comment with a full range of emojis on others' posts, which leads to everything from check marks to laughter and food images to animated hands clapping.

We won't put all of our eggs in this thumbs down basket just yet. This is in direct opposition to what Zuckerberg said just nine months ago when he said there were no plans to introduce such a thing.

But if you'd like to take today's news as the truth, then strap on your dancin' hooves and get hatin'.

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Via The Hole
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Brooklyn-based street artist/hacker KATSU has created a portrait of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg using his own feces.

It is described as a rendering of a tech giant who is “in control of more information than the government created from the compromising bio-matter of the artist.”

KATSU, who is known around the city for his signature skull tag and work with a fire extinguisher, has mocked Zuckerberg before in a series of wheat pastes depicting him with a black eye.

This latest piece is part of his first solo show called “Remember the Future,” featuring a variety of works that intersect art and technology.

The others are not quite as bizarre as the poop painting but strange in their own ways as you can see in the link below.

The exhibit runs through Feb 22 at The Hole.