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Via: Late Night with Seth Meyers
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From “the Closet Summit” to “Birdie Sanders,” the 2016 election was the never-ending nightmare that seems like it never ended. But it’s still worth a closer look, especially when Marco Rubio made allegations about not being able to trust people with small hands (among other things about small hands — man, 2016 really was awful).

Anyway, Seth Meyers recapped it all in his “Closer Look” segment. 12 months of horror in eight minutes of comedy. There are all those great things you forgot about, especially this:

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and this: 

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Maybe it wasn’t all bad. Wait, yes, it was.


Via: The Graham Norton Show
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Are you lonely? Do you feel like everyone's always swiping left? Why not take some dating advice from the one who knocks?

Appearing on The Graham Norton ShowBreaking Bad's Bryan Cranston revealed his secret past as the director of dating profile videos. Before Tinder, OkCupid, and, single people would record a short video of themselves as an introduction. Prospective daters would then watch and effectively swipe right or left on the person. Cranston's job, as he tells Norton, was to get these daters to loosen up a bit. 

In this clip, Cranston gives the tricks of the trade and even takes a stab at a video intro of his own with a little help from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them's Eddie Redmayne and Dr. Strange's Benedict Cumberbatch.

Try to contain yourselves.

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