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Candice Spivey was shopping in Target when she was approached by a man who she recognized. According to her, two years ago Jeffrey Polizzi, the man in this video, approached her asking inappropriate questions while filming her in a different store. 

After a short car chase he was taken in by police and charged with reckless driving. Polizzi has a history of harassing women and even a previous conviction for taking videos of women changing. 

Now Spivey and the local police are urging other women who may have been victims of this kind of harassment to come forward. 

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A woman caught this guy taking upskirt photos on the subway train.  The video description tells the full story:

A video won hundreds of thousands of views on China’s microblogging platform Weibo from April 21 shows a young woman confronting a man carrying a black garment bag, demanding him to delete the photos. It turned out that the man in the video had been snapping pictures underneath her skirt with a hidden camera in the garment bag. The man was seen denying his conduct then chewed the SD card and fled away.

The incident was later on revealed took place on a subway train in east China’s Nanjing on April 21. The video was taken by the brave young woman who stood up against the conduct. She posted the video on Weibo and wrote in the caption calling for all women not to be afraid and should not tolerate such behavior. The man was later on reported detained by local police.
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Warning: harsh, unsafe language ahead

A casual package thief in Spokane, WA thought he was going to have an easy day of grabbing packages off of porches, but apparently he came to the wrong neighborhood. One shoeless, shirtless neighbor named Hector 'BigHec' Martinet saw what the thief was up to and came running, camera in hand. Martinet describes it as though he was watching someone go Christmas shopping: "When he passed the house, I noticed he was looking from side to side like you would if you were window shopping at a mall. He was actually checking porch to porch."

So what did Martinet do? Called the cops and filmed the thief. Still shoeless and shirtless in several inches of snow, Martinet made the thief return the package to the porch he took it from and sit down to wait for the cops, because that guy "ain't big enough" to take BigHec.

All in all, it took the cops around 30 minutes to show up, but the thief was taken into custody.

Martinet is happy to hear how well his vigilante justice has been received online as his video gains traction on Facebook, but his heart is heavy with the weight of medical issues his son is facing:

So many BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE that are so happy to see the BAD GUY getting busted, I am saying that ANYONE I KNOW would have done the SAME THING. If you have GRATITUDE, then you can "THANK ME" by donating Prayers or Funds to My Sons RECOVERY from LUPUS PNEUMONIA, it knoced him out a WEEK before CHRISTMAS and has hurt His Family Tremendously. THANKS to ALL of YOU for ALL the GREAT compliments, I just do not feel that BIG a HERO when I cannot save a Family. Hopefully the Hospital will let HIM come HOME today.

Here's the link to the GoFundMe page for his son.

That terrible kid who started a fight because he couldn't get mac and cheese got rightfully expelled.
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Ah, sweet, eternal justice.

Remember that absolutely terrible kid yesterday who drunkenly belittled a cafeteria manager and started a fight because they wouldn't sell his entitled face bacon jalapeño mac and cheese?

Yeah, remember that kid?

Well, University of Connecticut wisely expelled him from Luke Gatti school after the arrest, according to Death and Taxes.

He was charged yesterday with breach of peace in the second degree and criminal trespass and given a $1,500 bail. It came out that he was arrested twice last year for similar offenses, each time using racial slurs. Just a real great guy.

And now he's expelled. There was much rejoicing.

And some Snapchats via Barstool Sports;

Sometimes, happy endings do exist.

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Sometimes all you need is video camera, a loud voice and conviction.

This super impressive video shows two guys noticing a suspicious man photographing young girls coming out of a store and begin following him until they get the attention of the police, who make an arrest.

Even with the arrest, Jason Juniel, who took the video, posted it to Facebook so people could watch out for a creep like him.

Attention Attention Beware Beware Beware Hello Facebook I caught this CREEP recording a little girl yesterday with a...

Posted by Jason Juniel on Friday, September 18, 2015

ABC7 News in San Fransisco confirmed the crazy story happened:

[Jason] Juniel and [Broadus] Parker work for a tour bus company on Union Square. They kept at it until they finally got the attention of police, who then detained Brooks.

"The camera was in the bag angled up perfectly toward the hole cut about the size of half a dollar so the lens of the camera could see directly up a skirt," Juniel said.

According to SFPD, one of the officers took his camera and found more incriminating evidence, but only cited him under Penal Code 647 J2, disorderly conduct using a camera to look at women's undergarments.

Way to watch out for your fellow human beings.