Via: Asaf Avidan Antonir
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3D touch on the iPhone 6 allows you to weigh things directly on your phone, but for some reason, Apple doesn't want people building scale apps. Many have tried, but been rejected by the app store because Apple says "the concept of a scale app is not appropriate for the app store," whatever that means. Asaf Avidan Antonir built a simple game that uses 3D touch to move a dot between lines (think Flappy Bird), but the important part is the "training" function. Within training mode, you can figure out how much force you're exerting to practice moving the dot, or just use the thing as a scale for...whatever you want.

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Via: Oscar Mayer
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Oscar Mayer just released a dating app, that looks very similar to Tinder, for people who are really fond of bacon

So it's basically just Tinder.

Insisting that it's a very real dating app, the cold cuts and meat production company has launched a website and rolled out the swiping app.

It's location based, so you'll have to tell that meat factory where you are at all times. But it comes with something called a 'Sizzl-meter'. Here's what they say about it on their FAQ

Q: How does the "Sizzl-meter" work?

A: Good question. Holding down the Sizzl-meter on a user's profile indicates your level of interest. The longer you hold, the more Sizzl you feel for them.

So romantic.

There's even a way to report people who don't love bacon!

Unfortunately, only iPhone users can currently find their true bacon lovers.

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