Failbook: Twitter Trends: #FutureMittJokes

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Mitt Romney joked while campaigning in Michigan early Friday morning that "no one had ever asked to see his birth certificate."

The joke not-so-subtlely invoked the "birther" controversy. The Twitterverse is now abuzz with witty repartee, shooting jokes back at Romney which invoke his status as a wealthy, white bread, tax-dodging fat cat.

Follow out the latest #FutureMittJokes.

After 12: Booze News: All Beer, No Head

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In case you've been living under a rock for the past week or simply don't enjoy wildly depressing news stories, the man pictured at the top is Luka Magnotta, 29, a Canadian self-professed gay adult film star who murdered a Chinese student in his apartment, uploaded a video of it to the internet, decapitated the body, and sent various body parts to, among other places, the Canadian Conservative and Liberal Party headquarters.

On June 4, Magnotta was arrested in Berlin, but not before the Montreal Gazette posted a picture of the deranged killer on its website drinking a Labatt Blue.

Harmless? Not according to Labatt, who subsequently threatened to sue the Gazette if they did not remove the image. Labatt associate general counsel Karen Sullivan had this to say to the newspaper:

"As I am sure you can understand, this image is highly denigrating to our brand, and we are disturbed that this image remains on your site despite repeated requests and the many images available of this person."

Labatt later dropped the case, but not before the internet got a hold of the story. The result? A Twitter tag called #newlabattcampaign. Some of the finer examples of slogan suggestions are pictured above. Just another example of when you're dealing with the internet, it's best to just let sleeping dogs lie.