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Nightmare Fuel of The Day: The 'Today Show' Dressed up as Peanuts and Scared America
Via: Esquire
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Good grief, it's terrifying Halloween costumes!

The Today Show thought it would be a good idea to ruin Peanuts characters forever by dressing up hosts as life-size, super realistic versions of the comic strip.

Here is the nightmare fuel people were unjustly subjected to.

The American people were clearly traumatized.

Shame on you, Today Show.

costumes beyonce storm Beyonce Looks Amazing Dressed as Storm But Some People Weren't So Pleased
Via: kellyrowland
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Beyonce dressed as Storm for Ciara's birthday party. As with anything else she pulled off the costume flawlessly but someone on the internet didn't see it that way. 

via @1942bs

Even Beyonce can't escape internet hate these days. 

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