After 12: Spoilers: You Can't Be Happy Unless You're Under 21

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As you gear up to go out this Friday, think to yourself: What kind of drunk am I? And also: Can this kind of drunk be expressed in a logical chart?

There I Fixed It: World Electrical Outlets - A Visual Guide

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A few notes: This is meant to be a visual guide, as many similar outlets have different voltages. Just because a plug fits doesn't mean it will work. Always double check before you blow up your cell phone/hair dryer/discount lightsaber.

The outlet widely-used in continental Europe is known as the Schuko and varies between countries; Germany's earth connector is on the clips as opposed to France's middle-pin. The ungrounded version is called the Europlug and is becoming more common around the world.

And lastly, this doesn't cover every single country or sub-type of outlet; just the largest lands and most common interfaces.

Graph Fail

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"Hey guys! Wanna go to movies? Hop in Moby Dick and let's go!"