Good Thing Newt Gingrich Is on the Case

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Newt Gingrich was a little off-message during CNN's climate change debate Monday night. He was supposed to be pointing to the record-breaking cold temperatures as evidence that global warming is a hoax, like his fellow climate deniers.

But in lieu of wasting time denying the rise of global temperatures, the former House speaker and self-proclaimed "amateur paleontologist" instead chose a different tack: suggesting that it's arrogant of humans to act like we can or should control Earth's thermostat.
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Monday Thru Friday: Let's Go! Or Not...

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"We at Shell want everyone to feel as "pumped" as we do about freeing much-needed Arctic resources. After all, the Arctic is the common heritage of all humanity, and what we do there matters to everyone. That's why Shell is inviting you to create your very own Let's Go! ad for our Arctic campaign. We'll feature it on our website, and you can show all your Facebook friends how pumped you are to seize the day's opportunities too. The best submissions will win exciting prizes—including an all-expenses-paid trip to see the Kulluk in action!"

-- Taken from Shell's 'Arctic Ready' Campaign website

Now you can show all your Facebook friends how pumped you are to ruin the environment seize the day's opportunities too!

UPDATE: Sadly, it's a fake website. Too bad too! It was such a promising trolling opportunity. Oh well. However, the fact that Shell is beginning to drill in the Arctic is still very real. So much so that Greenpeace decided to deploy two submarines to keep tabs on Shell's drilling operations just to make sure they don't try to pull a fast one on us.