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Everyone likes the smell of their own brand. 

You've probably heard that one before, when you were ripping a real stinker in the car and rolling the windows up because you're a sadist. 


But why do you like torturing innocent bystanders of your disgusting gas? Honestly, being subjected to your farts should be considered torture. Liking your farts is akin to waterboarding. You're a war criminal. You and your farts should sit before an international tribunal. 

Yes, you. 

Anyway, this video explains why you're such a sicko. ASAP Science continues to do great work in under five minutes. 

via The Real Sporcle

"It wasn't my fart, I swear."

One man took to Craigslist in hopes to discover some truth to why his Tinder date bailed, and blocked him for no apparent reason. He explains in his story that he smelt it but wasn't the one who dealt it. Promising that it wasn't his lingering farts that refused to drift off... and he was right, it wasn't him.

His date responds with a hilarious and unexpected tell-all, titled "shart and come clean."

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