False Alarm of the Day: Someone Called 911 After Seeing Car With Stuffed Tiger on Roof

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A man named Connor Zuvich found a discarded, stuffed tiger on the side of the road in Washington, so he did what anyone would do and strapped it to the roof of his car.

“The thing looked really realistic,” Zuvich told The Columbian. “We were just cruising around Lacamas Lake with it.”

He and his friends drove around for a while with their new trophy when a cop pulled them over.

The officer, Henry Scott, said the police were contacted by a concerned citizen who reported a live Bengal tiger on the loose.

When he noticed it was just a stuffed animal he snapped some quick photos of the beast “to send to all his buddies,” according to Zuvich.

The cat reportedly remains on top of his car and thinks the view is just “grrrrrrreat!”

False Alarm of the Day: School Shut Down Due To "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Ringtone

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A Pennsylvania school district went on lockdown last week after a student's "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" ringback tone ("shooting some b-ball outside of the school") was misheard as a mass shooting threat ("shooting people outside of the school") by an overly vigilant receptionist at the student's doctor's office.