facebook releases halloween emoji reactions
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If you go to Facebook’s house this Halloween, expect a big treat. The social media giant has released a slew of new reactions in the spirit of Halloween. All your favorites are there: a witch, a ghost, a pumpkin, a Frankenst — oop, a Frankenstein’s monster.

So don’t expect the same old thing when you laugh at your friend’s joke later. This is a whole new haunted house.

  • “Haha” is now a Witch.
  • “Wow” is now a Ghost.
  • “Sad” is now a Frankenstein. “Sad” is now a Frankenstein’s monster.
  • “Angry” is now a pumpkin.

It’s all very delightfully ghoulish!

Facebook released reactions last year in lieu of giving the world that “Dislike” button users have been asking for since around 2010.

Don't be too sad, the tears weren't real, they were emoji.

Josh posted the before and after pictures of his dog on Twitter and the reactions from his friends weren't exactly helpful. That poor little dog. At least it'll all grow back, right?

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image emoji summer Ridiculous, Giant Emoji Pool Floats Are What Everyone Needs for This Summer
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Yes, these are real and yes, that is a giant floating eggplant that you can ride on. 

Sure, you'd be stupid to bring your phone into the pool with you but that doesn't mean you have to go without expressing yourself exclusively through pictures. Just take these giant emoji pool toys with you. 

Now you can spend your entire weekend floating on a giant poop. What a time to be alive. 

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