Engrish Funny: Rolan McDolan Pls

dolan,dolan duck,donald duck,McDonald's
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Pls to nto be stelaing lieknes, is coypyirhgt of Wat Didney Inc.

Regrds, Dolan

Name Fail

donald duck,drunk,failboat,name,Probably bad News
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MASSILLON, OH (WOIO) - Massillon police tossed Donald Duck in jail over the weekend.

Duck was arrested in the drive-thru of Little Caesar's Pizza Saturday around 5PM on Lincoln Way East. This, after police say he repeatedly struck a van in front of him in line.

Duck faces charges of DUI and drug paraphernalia.

The DUI charge Duck faces is a felony because it is his 6th drunken driving arrest in 20 years, and his 8th overall.