win parents with noisy kids get a discount
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Don't expect to hear a bunch of loud-mouthed, snot-nosed kids screaming at the top of your lungs if you go out to eat. It's like, wow, I can't even finish talking to my goddamn wife about The goddamn Bachelor without hearing some little brat complain that they just want noodles and ketchup for dinner. Eat a real meal, kid! 

So one restaurant is giving parents some incentive for getting their kids to keep quiet. They're giving a five percent discount for "polite" children. 

Antonio Ferrari owns a restaurant in the Italian city of Padua and was so pleased that a youngster could actually go two hours without making everyone's life a living hell that he gave the parents a discount. 

"I didn't know them well to congratulate them," said Ferrai. "It was their first time in my restaurant, so I opted for the discount."

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