Durex Trolled Everyone With the Announcement of an Eggplant Flavored Condom

If you think this is a terrible idea, you're right! Which is why it's not being made at all. It was just a prank, bros!

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By Unknown
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Reasons to Use the Wine Condom:


WINE CONDOM(s) sit flush with the rim of the bottle. Most wine stoppers on the market sit 1/2- 2 inches (or more) above the wine bottle rim. The added height causes the following storage syndrome:


WINE CONDOM(s) provide effortless refrigerator shelf and/or door storage.


WINE CONDOM(s) stow comfortably in your pocket (or wallet..he he)

Pack and take 'em ANYWHERE!

WINE CONDOM(s) allow you to more easily enjoy your favorite bottled beverage at the Lake, Concert, Campgrounds, or Stadium.
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By irinablok (Via: Irina Blok)
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From the submitter:

My name is Irina Blok, and I am a graphic designer working on a humorous design response to Bill Gates Next Generation condom challenge.