The "Blizzardmobile" is the Next Reason We Can Safely Say Don Lemon is CNN's Greatest Joke

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After a impressively terrible 2014, Don Lemon starts off the year right by hopping in CNN's specially-equipped "Blizzardmobile" and reporting from the streets of New York. The one problem of course being that New York City's snow estimates were way off and nearly all of it is gone as of Tuesday morning.

Viewers noted that the Blizzardmobile was routinely passed by such anti-winter assault vehicles as the Toyota Prius and by all appearances was just a regular van. If only this had happened instead:

Giggle Fit of the Day: Anderson Cooper Doesn't Know Segment is About Him

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Anderson Cooper, silver fox, CNN anchor and king of on-air giggle fits, was surprised by his staff this week, when he realized the "Ridiculist" segment was about himself.

He began the piece thinking that he was about to discuss workplace annoyances, but the camera then revealed his own desk with a lit, basil-scented candle that apparently everyone else on his staff hates.

"Somebody told me I smelled," he said in response. "So that's why I got the candle."

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