The Boston Herald Ran This Political Cartoon With... Slightly Troubling Undertones

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According to reports, cartoonist Jerry Holbert was asked to change the punchline of the joke from "Watermelon" to "raspberry," which he did, but not before it was sent to the press. He has since issued an apology for what some see as a racially-charged joke.

The Real Krusty Krab is Coming to Palestine

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Hey, remember that scarily-accurate tribute to Spongebob Squarepants's "Krusty Krab" being constructed in Ramallah, Palestine? The inside is really making the place come to life, as you can tell from above. Meanwhile the outside is coming along just fine:

And even the inside office space is based on the show!

Here's hoping they remember to put the pickles on my burger this time...

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