Kind Stranger Transforms Crib For Grieving Mother

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Valarie Watt's son, Noah, was stillborn last year. Recently, Gerald Kumpula and his wife picked up the unused crib at Watt's garage sale and Watt mentioned her son had passed; Kumpula transformed the crib into a a memorial bench.
Check out the video below.

What This Man Did for a Bus Rider in Need Will Make Your Day

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Congratulations, anonymous do-gooder, you are officially the Totally Rad Dude of the day. Check out this video report for more:

Nate Scimio Made a Brave Move in a Dangerous Incident, and he Has the Selfie to Prove it

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Earlier today a student armed with a knife at Franklin Regional Senior High School near Pittsburgh, PA attacked and injured at least 20 students. Several have been hospitalized with serious injuries but no deaths have been reported as of this time. Thinking quickly, student Nate Scimio pulled the fire alarm and alerted other students of the emergency. After he was taken to the hospital, this selfie happened.

Frankly, making some derisive comment about "kids these days" seems totally unwarranted when the kid involved likely saved lives. Of course, that didn't stop the press from asking for interviews and snarky comments like this:

Selfie earned, selfie deserved, Mr. Scimio.

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