This Teacher Gets to Keep Her Job?

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Via Mercury News:

Alerted by one of her colleagues to the tweets -- which are laced with profanity and racist remarks -- the district disciplined teacher Krista Hodges with a written reprimand, and she continues to teach. Hodges has apologized, saying she meant none of it seriously. But some in the school community are stunned by the turn of events, given the alarming sentiments the teacher expressed.

Hey Kids, Hand Me My Screwdriver!

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A school resource deputy was asked to assist the principal. The deputy said he could tell Jardine was extremely intoxicated.

Initially, Jardine denied drinking any alcohol but later admitted she drank on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning before school and during lunch in her classroom.

Jardine blew a .205 breath alcohol concentration, according to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office. She told the deputy that she took a taxi cab to school because she was afraid that she was too drunk to drive.

Teacher Shows Up Drunk

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Police arrested a woman they said was intoxicated and not wearing any pants at an Oklahoma high school Monday.

The woman, Lorie Hill, was a newly hired teacher for Wagoner Public Schools. She was found by two other teachers in a Wagoner High School classroom on the first day back at school for teachers.

Police said Hill admitted she had been drinking, police said they found an empty cup in her car.
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